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Template TO Places for Joomla CMS

Need to give maximum speed to your Joomla CMS? Template TO Places offers it and more.

Main features of TO Places


Created for maximum versatility, eCommerce, news, education, photography, design, hotels, medicine, restaurants, etc.


Simple and light programming to minimize loading times and avoid possible software incompatibilities.


It has no cost. If the user wishes, he can make a donation.


Bootstrap compatibility in components, grid, containers, etc.


CSS Virtuemart improved. Modern design adapted to the template maximizing its speed.

No links

The template does not have frontend links to

Menu sticky

Includes multi-level sticky menu for Joomla "Main Menu" native module in menubar position.


60 Positions of 100% responsive modules, adaptable to all device sizes.


All in the same template configuration, multilevel menu, elegant user login, link boxes to share and follow in social networks, variety of colors for configurable modules interchangeably, and a variety of text sources.


3 languages, Spanish, English and Portuguese.


Very easy setup. No knowledge is required.

TO Places devices, mobile phone, pc, tablet






Template free TO FullSpeed for Joomla CMS

Template TO FullSpeed for Joomla CMS